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The consultancy activity for the definition of the solutions and the realization of the technical projects involves the permanent contact with the latest technologies in the field, at international level, and with the solutions proposed and applied in other countries in these fields. For this, Electronic Solutions staff regularly participate in the most important scientific events such as workshops, conferences, national and international congresses in communications and intelligent transport systems (ITS).

Below are the main works and / or presentations developed by ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS experts at various scientific events, workshops, conferences, national and international congresses.

Bucharest Auto Show & Accessories 2012

In 2012, Bucharest Auto Show and Accessories returned to its traditional exhibition period, respectively 10 days, period during the exhibiting companies had the opportunity to establish more contacts, more contracts and to increase the volume of sales. In 2012 at Bucharest Auto Show and Accessories exhibited 81 companies on an exhibiting area of 13.700 sqm. This event is specialized and organized “under the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Transport” and supported by the Bucharest City Hall and Romanian Auto Register.

ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS has participated to Bucharest Auto Show & Accessories 2012 ,aiming to present the interface of and to develop the project by launching the optimized Website for Mobile, dedicated applications for iOS and Android mobile platforms and explaining everyone's understanding of the TMC concept.

In this exhibition, there was presented a Desktop, with the permanently open Traffic Guide Website, where visitors could see every function that the staff of ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS presented and explained at the stand, and then they could access the Website's functionality and put questions about it.

ITS World Congres, 22th - 26th October 2012

19th ITS World Congress, Vienna - ITS World Congress 2012- was organized in Vienna in October and was the most important event in the field of intelligent transport systems and showcased the latest developments within the field of Intelligent Transport Systems to an expert audience and also to the public at large on the Public Day.The event brought together experts and organizations from around the world to present achievements, equipment, ITS solutions, projects, etc.

Innovation and Technology, on whose initiative the ITS World Congress took place in Vienna for the first time, summarises positively: "The ITS Vienna 2012 ultimately marks the evolvement from a purely scientific congress into an event that shows actual products and renders the benefits of new developments visible." The development phase of new traffic technologies is finished - "they are about to make the step from the laboratory to the street.

A national stand was organized at the ITS Congress in Vienna where ITS initiatives and projects were presented. Within the stand was also promoted the TrafficGuide interface.

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