EIP Plus

The “EIP+” continues to pursue the “EIP” objective of fostering the consensus building between EU Member States to provide harmonized ITS Services. The “EIP+” is also the interface with the “Corridor” projects. Furthermore, the particularity of the “EIP+” will be the strong interface with the “Corridor” projects that are co-funded under the EC 2013 ITS Call, by monitoring their technical progress on ITS services implementation that will be performed, as well as collecting and elaborating their results. One more important task will be the dissemination of knowledge and experiences both inside and outside the partnership of the “EIP+” in order to make available best practices for the future ITS Service deployments.

We were responsible within the project for:

  • Testing and validating of the quality recommendations and results for Traffic Information from EIP
  • Single Access Point(s) for Real time traffic information (ITS Directive b)
  • Cooperative ITS Systems
  • New and improved monitoring technologies
  • VMS harmonization

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Project year
07 2014