The 3rd OJP4Danube SCOM (Project Status Meeting) took place on September 21st. Due to the COVID-19 situation, it was only held virtually. Part of the SCOM was the First-Year-Review. Therefore, Horst Schindler and Mirjana Petrovic (JS) joined the SCOM and gave feedback on the project progress. 

On September 22nd, the OJP4Europe event took place, organized as a cross-project meeting of the consortia of the Interreg projects OJP4Danube and LinkingAlps and representatives of EU-Spirit. Bringing all interested and already involved stakeholders together, fostering knowledge exchange and strengthening the collaboration between the key OJP-based journey planning networks across Europe and even beyond was the overall objective of that day.

The agenda included presentations from the European OJP projects, setting the focus on their individual use-cases and contributions, as well as insights from the currently ongoing revision of the ITS directives presented by a representative of the European Commission.

Holding this event was a great success. About 90 participants online and on site in the AustriaTech premises joined the speeches and the following discussions, sharing their experiences and challenges. Overall, a strong commitment to a European-wide collaboration to continue the development of OJP-based transnational journey planning services from all participants was noticeable. We are excited to see what we can achieve in the future.

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