Braila Suspended Bridge - ITS, Monitoring and Security Systems

Braila Suspended Bridge

Braila Suspended Bridge is the longest suspended bridge that is constructed in Romania.

We have provided the Solution Design and Technical Projects for:

  • ITS Systems including Traffic Monitoring, Incident Detection, Weather and road surface Monitoring, VMS and information
  • Weight in Motion System
  • Toll Station
  • Communications Infrastructure
  • Security and bridge Monitoring
  • Control and Monitoring Center
Project year

ITS Systems for Motorways

ITS on Motorways

We provide Consultancy/Supervision for Intelligent Transport Systems on Motorways as:

  • Traffic Monitoring and counting using several technologies (inductive loops, video detection, radar)
  • Weather monitoring and prognosis
  • Weight in Motion System
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS)
  • Automatic incident detection
  • Video monitoring
  • Integrated Control Center